Dr. Ryan Lewis is residency trained and board certified in emergency medicine. He is a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and is a Lubbock native. Dr. Lewis was born and raised in Lubbock and graduated from Texas Tech University. With a passion for public service, Dr. Lewis began his career as a volunteer firefighter, and then served over 5 years as a 911 dispatcher and field paramedic for Lubbock EMS. In addition, Dr. Lewis served as a SWAT medic and reserve police officer/sheriff’s deputy in Lubbock before leaving to attend medical school.

After graduating from St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, Dr. Lewis returned to Lubbock and completed one year of general surgery training at TTUHSC. His passion for emergency medicine then led him to Jackson, MS to complete an emergency medicine residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. After completing residency, Dr. Lewis worked as an attending physician for Georgia Regents University Department of Emergency Medicine and as Associate Director of Tactical and Military Medicine for the Center of Operational Medicine, providing graduate medical education to emergency medicine residents and direct support and training to various local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

The dream of practicing medicine in Lubbock was finally realized in 2012 when Dr. Lewis and his family finally came home to Lubbock. Dr. Lewis worked as an emergency medicine physician in the Covenant Medical System for approximately four years, serving the citizens of Lubbock and the surrounding communities and region.

After working for years in inner-city emergency departments as well as a busy hospital based emergency department in Lubbock, the desire to improve the quality of care and access to emergency medical care for the citizens of Lubbock led him and his partners to create STAR ER. Dr. Lewis has special interest in all areas of emergency medicine, out-of- hospital medicine, and public service. In addition to serving as the CEO of STAR ER, Dr. Lewis currently serves on the City of Lubbock Board of Health and also serves as a tactical physician in various capacities, providing support, training, and consultation for public safety organizations around the country.


In addition to emergency medicine, Dr. Lewis is a subject matter expert in EMS, law enforcement medicine, and active shooter/disaster Preparedness. “The compassion and care offered in our nation’s hospital-based emergency centers is simply being over-shadowed and smothered by the sheer volume of patients seen on a daily basis. This has led to increased wait times, increased time waiting on results and treatment, and decreased time spent actually interacting with the medical providers. In addition to the large volume of local patients, many larger hospital ERs are also faced with making space for regional transfer patients sent from smaller rural community hospitals. The unfortunate consequence is that local patients are then left with limited space to be seen despite the best of intentions of the large facilities which are faced with treating masses of patients from miles away in addition to our own community. It is for this reason and our strong passion to provide the best emergency medical care possible that myself and my partners created STAR ER. With true dedication to the highest quality of care, the provision of timely access to emergency care, and 100% transparent billing practices, it is our honor to serve the citizens of Lubbock in their time of need.”